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Dennis Hall resigns

In a shocking move, Dennis Hall resigned. The Lemon Bay High School teacher who ran the drama club had guided many of his students to colleges and universities with top-notch theater programs — some becoming professional actors and a few even making it to Broadway. Mr. Hall said he would often butt heads with his administration about producing top-quality shows instead of the tired, familiar works so many other schools were performing. He walked out on the spring production of “A Funny Think Happened on the Way to the Forum” after received a disturbing email questioning whether the show was “appropriate” for a high school audience and requesting he suspend rehearsals until the matter could be “investigated,” he said. Not only had the brass already approved the play when they supposedly reviewed the book last year, but “A Funny Thing” had previously been performed at one of the other Charlotte County high schools. For Mr. Hall, it was the last straw. He was already three weeks into rehearsals — too late to turn back. For the sake of his health, he decided it was best to resign, leaving a gaping hole that can’t be easily filled, and a question as to the future quality of drama in Charlotte County’s high schools.

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