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Dr. David Klein’s Christmas party

If you’re not feeling very Christmas-y, there’s one antidote that will immediately correct that condition — an invitation to the home of Dr. David Klein, local ophthalmologist and philanthropist, and his wife, Stephanie, for his annual Christmas party. From top to bottom, every room is decorated for the holiday. (They start decorating about six months in advance.) You’ll find a candy room for kids, a huge scale miniature village with ski lifts, a waterfront view from the deck, tons of gourmet food, horse and carriage rides and a real snowmaking machine that dusts guests with frozen flakes as they approach the path to the front door. Best of all, Dr. Klein always chooses a charity to support, and guests are encouraged to donate. Rumor has it that it was really a visit to the doctor’s party that made the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes.

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