2016-05-26 / Networking

United Way 2016 Spirit Awards and Annual Breakfast

1. Marcy Fisina, Bill Hawley, Tom Rice, Linda Rice and
Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch
2. Bobbi Bevis, Kim Devine and Karen McElhaney
3. Diane Nelson and Melissa Nelson
4. Jeanette Deptula, Julie Mathis and Debbie Fitzgerald
5. Karen Caparo and Lt. Darrell Caparo
6. Nancy Haines and Linda Dobson
7. Pat Amberg and Lindsey McKelvy
8. Julie Mathis, Sue Sifrit and Carrie Blackwell Hussey
9. Sally Seymour and Alexandria Davis
10. W. Kevin Russell and Ashley Mayer
11. W. Kevin Russell and Howard Kunik
12. Trudy Shremshock and Kim Maddy


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