2012-03-08 / Arts & Entertainment News

Symphony announces legacy campaign

The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra has announced a $1 million Symphony Legacy Campaign, with a $100,000 lead gift from the Kenneth Neumann estate.

“We are pleased that Mr. Neumann, a long-time supporter of the orchestra and of many other regional causes, chose to honor us with this extraordinary gift,” said James Morgese, CSO executive director. “It provides us with an excellent beginning for our Legacy Campaign.”

Mr. Morgese said the goal of the Legacy Campaign is $1 million. It will create an “income appreciation” fund, using interest income from campaign gifts to supplement the orchestra’s operating budget. Donations are tax deductible.

“I am looking for 100 people to make a one-time gift of $1,000 to the endowment fund of the charlotte Symphony orchestra,” reads a letter from board president Joan Lasley.

“I feel that we, the members of the symphony audience, can and should match (Mr. Neumann’s) gift. We must insure the financial future of our musical treasure.”

Ms. Lasley noted that a pledge may be made in full or in four payments of $250 each during the remainder of the calendar year.

Mr. Neumann, of Riverwood in Port Charlotte, a noted classical and jazz pianist and patron of the arts in Charlotte and Sarasota counties, died in February 2011. He had come to Port Charlotte from Middletown, Conn., in 2002 as a retired senior nuclear engineer. He performed many concerts in the Port Charlotte area with the Two Piano Group and was an active supporter of a variety of community endeavors.

For more information about the Legacy Campaign, call 205-5996 or visit www.charlottesymphony.com. ¦

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