2012-03-08 / Top News

Gift benefits children’s unit at Charlotte Behavioral

The Children’s Unit of Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s Crisis Stabilization Unit is designed to provide help to children and adolescents ages 5-17 and their families involved in crisis situations.

In partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care recently started a project to raise money to revamp the Children’s Unit in an effort to make this special wing less overwhelming to children who are admitted.

A crisis can happen to a child at any given time when feelings or life’s demands surpass his or her ability to cope. A crisis could involve feelings of loss, depression, fear or hopelessness. These feelings can cause intense behavioral responses, including confusion, thoughts of harming one’s self or others and making unsafe choices. The program’s goal is to help children stabilize and return to a precrisis levels of functioning.

Wilkins Frohlich, P.A. covered the entire cost of the project to help improve the look of the unit with fresh paint, new artwork and unbreakable frames.

Donations assisted CBHC in making the Children’s CSU a more comfortable and non-threatening environment.

With such donations, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care is able to carry out its mission to provide hope and compassion for effective treatment and interventions for Charlotte County’s most needy people. ¦

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