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Herb’s Coins adds silver and gold trading to existing collectibles
Florida Weekly Correspondent

Herb Gunderson 
BOB MASSEY / FLORIDA WEEKLY Herb Gunderson BOB MASSEY / FLORIDA WEEKLY When Herbert D. Gunderson first moved to Florida from Minnesota, he didn’t know what he’d do for work. Since he was a coin collector, he stopped in a local coin shop. That’s when the owner offered to sell him the business.

That was nearly 40 years ago, and Herb’s Coins, Stamps & Baseball Cards, at 2348 Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte (www.herbscoins.com), is still going strong.

His biggest seller right now — he orders about 10,000 a week — is the governmentissued silver eagle coin. The eBay arm of his coin business has also taken off, shipping to countries as diverse as China, Russia, Australia, South Africa and other foreign locales. While he still offers a multitude of coins, stamps, baseball cards, comic books and other collectibles, he has had to diversify his business even further.

“Since the economy got bad, we started getting into the silver and gold business,” Mr. Gunderson said. “The coin business has deteriorated to about 10 percent of what it used to be, but the gold and silver is 1,000 percent better than what it used to be. People who have money want to protect it, so they’re buying silver and gold as a wager against inflation.”

So now Mr. Gunderson buys jewelry, scrap gold and silver. And, he insisted, he pays “very close” to top dollar.

“We feel we do a lot of good,” Mr. Gunderson said. “I’m 74 years old, but I still enjoy it because we can help a lot of people. A lot of people need money, and if you go to the wrong place, you might get 10 cents on the dollar. We can give them what they should be getting. That’s important to me.” ¦

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