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Florida Gulf Coast University seeks input for degree completion program

Florida Gulf Coast University

Everyone has their own unique ambitions, aspirations, goals and desires. But too frequently, life interferes with realizing these dreams.

Often, one of those goals is to earn a college degree. For most of us, the path to a bachelor’s degree begins right after high school graduation.

Many of you know this story. You start college; take some classes, perhaps even a fulltime load, and then life gets in the way. To make way for a job, your class load gets lighter. When a spouse and mortgage come along, you take even fewer classes. Suddenly, you’re a part-time student. Add children and you find yourself a college dropout — one, two or even three years short of graduation.

Still, the desire to complete that degree lingers in the back of your mind, and more importantly, in your heart. If only you didn’t have to attend classes during normal working hours, commute 45 miles to school, or miss your children’s baseball games, dance recitals or parent-teacher conferences.

Now, help to realize your dream may be on the way. Florida Gulf Coast University is exploring the possibility of offering a degreecompletion program for Southwest Floridians who have earned some college credits but have not finished a degree. The proposed program — which could launch as early as fall 2014 — would enable prospective students to complete their degrees through online, evening and weekend courses at convenient locations in Charlotte, Collier and Lee counties.

To tailor the program to residents’ needs, FGCU wants to know what matters to you. If you are interested in completing your degree, the university invites you to participate in a brief, anonymous survey at www.fgcu.edu/DegreeCompletionSurvey/.

The survey deadline is Sept. 20. The information you provide will help FGCU proceed in developing the program. ¦

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