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SoloTravelGirl.com blog empowers women who travel alone


It’s cool when someone does something truly for the love of it, and it surprises them by becoming a profit center. That’s what happened with North Port resident Jennifer Huber and her popular blog, SoloTravelGirl.com.

By day, Ms. Huber is employed in the local tourism industry, which requires occasional travel. However, her blog and social media following have grown to the point that it’s bringing in revenue through advertisers and sponsors. When Ms. Huber started blogging, she didn’t know what it was. To her, it was just a way of expressing what was happening in her life online. That ended up taking a travel focus. After joining

Twitter, she was recognized by “Travel Troubleshooter” Christopher Elliot as one of the top 50 travel tweeters to follow. In May 2009, she launched SoloTravelGirl. Mr. Elliot and other experts would label her a pioneer in the field of travel blogging, and the blog has received numerous accolades and mentions online and in the media, including the Los Angeles Times. And just this week, Trip Advisor named Ms. Huber’s blog among the top 20 “Boomer Travel Blogs.”

HUBER HUBER “Yes, I’m a Gen-Xer,” she said, “but my primary readers are boomers.”

The titles of her posts are engaging and fun, much like Ms. Huber herself. Consider “Sometimes, A Gal Needs to Find Some Shark Teeth,” “Eating Thai Street Food in Bangkok Without Eating Off the Street,” or “Drinking Bacon-Like Beer in Bamberg, Germany.”

“I was taking a wine tour with six couples in California, and I was the only single person in the group,” Ms. Huber explained. “They asked me if I was traveling alone. I said yes, and they asked, ‘Aren’t you lonely?’ I said no. I get to go at my own pace and do my own things. I guess it’s selfish because I get to do what I want to do.”

Ms. Huber is comfortable traveling solo. 
COURTESY PHOTO Ms. Huber is comfortable traveling solo. COURTESY PHOTO From that experience, she developed the blog’s tagline, “Traveling alone, not lonely.”

“I always find myself traveling alone,” Ms. Huber said. “I end up going alone because I found out if I wait for other people, things aren’t going to happen.”

Her readers hail from Florida, up and down the Eastern seaboard, and as far away as California. There are some international fans, too. Most of them are, not surprisingly, female.

“I think it’s important for people to empower themselves — especially other women,” Ms. Huber said. “I feel good when I get an email from someone saying, ‘Thank you. I just took my first solo trip because of you’ or ‘I went out to dinner alone the first time because of you.’ I go a lot of places by myself, so I take for granted those who are afraid of doing that. But it’s rewarding that I’ve helped (others) expand their boundaries.” ¦

Trip Advisor has named Ms. Huber’s blog among the top 20 “Boomer Travel Blogs.” 
COURTESY PHOTO Trip Advisor has named Ms. Huber’s blog among the top 20 “Boomer Travel Blogs.” COURTESY PHOTO — If your business is doing something new or newsworthy, email me at bmassey@floridaweekly.com and tell me about it.

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