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Lorenzo Marion’s business lies between the living and the dead

Florida Weekly Correspondent

Lorenzo Marion 
NANETTE CRIST / FLORIDA WEEKLY Lorenzo Marion NANETTE CRIST / FLORIDA WEEKLY Chances are the words “psychic medium” call to mind a gypsy dressed in colorful garb with a headscarf and an earring. He crooks his finger at passersby to enter his tent, where he will peer into a crystal ball and reveal their futures with ominous intonation.

Lorenzo Marion does not fit this image. He wears a dress shirt and tie. He sits behind a desk in a sparsely decorated office with a cross on the wall. He has a receptionist.

Mr. Marion does have one thing in common, though, with seers, be they gypsies or not: He makes his living doing psychic readings during which clients receive messages from the dead and get a glimpse into what the future holds.

He cites his first paranormal experience as coming at the tender age of 6, when he was awakened by the sound of his father having a one-sided conversation. He crept from his bed to peek through a crack in the door to his parents’ bedroom. Although it was dark, he could make out a woman sitting in a rocking chair across from his father. She was transparent, with a golden white light around her.

Based on the conversation, he realized he was seeing the spirit of his long-deceased grandmother. His mother slept soundly through the entire incident.

Although Mr. Marion’s father had seen him through the door, he didn’t talk with him about the occurrence until days later. He regarded his son as merely the next generation of psychic mediums in a family whose abilities date back three centuries. To Mr. Marion, his father’s matter-of-fact approach to the vision made what he’d seen easy to accept.

Accepting his abilities doesn’t mean it was always easy. Mr. Marion said his teenage bedroom often felt like Grand Central Station as spirits and ghosts midway between this life and the next sought his guidance. He couldn’t sleep and was sometimes frightened.

His experience, he admitted, was similar to that of Cole Sear, the boy played by Haley Joel Osment in “The Sixth Sense,” who always saw dead people.

The key to his peace of mind was establishing boundaries.

“I had to let the spirits know they couldn’t give me the bum rush,” Mr. Marion laughingly said.

He accomplished this, he added, through prayer and reading, with a heavy dose of support from his family (most of whom have no psychic abilities). Over time, he learned to harness his powers and summon the spirits at will.

Mr. Marion began doing psychic readings almost 20 years ago while still in high school. His teachers and principal were among his first clients. (He often had to get a hall pass because his readings made him late for class.) His goal then, as now, was to help people, he said.

He believes everyone has powers of intuition, although few people have the level of skill required to do readings for strangers. He correlates it to having musical talent.

“Anyone can learn to play the piano,” he said, “but not everyone can make it to Carnegie Hall.”

To Mr. Marion’s clients, he is the Itzhak Perlman of the psychic world. Dan Lucera is a case in point. He attended one of Mr. Marion’s events with his wife Diane. She was interested in hearing what Mr. Marion had to say. Mr. Lucera, a skeptic, was just along for the ride.

He passed when it was his turn to ask a question.

“Ah,” Mr. Marion said, “but I have a message for you.”

Mr. Marion went on to describe Mr. Lucera’s first wife, who had died several years before, “to a T.”

“She wants you to know she’s happy about your life,” Mr. Marion told him.

Mr. Lucera said the comment recalled his wife’s exhortations not to sit alone on the sofa after she was gone.

And then there’s Debbie Abrams.

I was their first meeting when Mr. Marion told her, “Your friend Allen wants you to know he’s sorry he died so young and that you didn’t have the chance to spend your lives together.”

Allen was Ms. Abrams’ fiancé more than 30 years ago. He died before they made it to the altar.

Ms. Abrams’s reaction? She said she felt “astonished yet comforted” to receive the message.

Mr. Marion’s readings are the most popular part of his practice. Sitting across from a client, he shares what he sees about her health, family, finances and career. He passes on any words he receives from loved ones who have passed. He doesn’t go into a trance or speak in voices. It’s more like a conversation between friends.

But there are other aspects to his work. He leads weekly meditation practices and gives lectures and workshops. He’s also authored two books.

In addition, Mr. Marion works with gifted children, whether their talents are academic, artistic or intuitive. Having grown up with a talent viewed as “cool but abnormal,” he understands the challenges facing these kids. He teaches them how to develop their skills using tools such as meditation. And he works with parents to learn how to support their extraordinary children.

Consulting with a psychic medium isn’t for everyone. But if you have a curious mind, Mr. Lorenzo is ready, willing and — some believe — able to lead you on your personal psychic journey. ¦

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