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Coming up at the Renaissance Academy

The Renaissance Academy of FGCU offers lifelong learning classes to enrich life experiences at any age. The following sessions will be held at Herald Court Centre in downtown Punta Gorda.

Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts, An
Intermediate Class
10 a.m.-noon
Wednesday, July 19
Fee: $20
Instructor: Adam Cummings

In this class, you will learn different types of stocks and terms specific to stocks. The characteristics of different stock market sectors and how they fit together will be studied. You will also learn how to read a stock chart and why the chart is not the entire story.

Medical Qigong: Enhancing our
Health and Vitality
10 a.m.-noon
Thursday, July 20
Fee: $20
Instructor: Annette Franks

Qigong is often referred to as “meditation in motion.” This class focuses on vitality enhancement methods and integral qigong practices that are designed to increase joy, improve physical balance and heart health, increase immune function and improve our health, mental focus and energy. Wear comfortable clothes for ease of motion. No prior qigong experience is necessary. It’s educational and an excellent way to be proactive in our own health care and optimized healthy longevity.

Ancient Egypt: The New Kingdom
10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Thursday, July 20
Fee: Non-members $45 includes
lunch; members, $10 lunch fee
Instructor: Dr. Steven Derfler

The New Kingdom of Egypt, also referred to as the Egyptian Empire, is the period in ancient Egyptian history between the 16th and the 11th centuries BCE. Egyptian culture attached a great deal of importance to burial rituals. The buildings, prayers and ceremonies were mainly designed to reflect the status of a person in life and help them keep their status in death. This is not surprising given the hierarchical nature of Egyptian society. By the time of the New Kingdom Dynasties, the next world was opened up to anyone who has the sufficient coin of the realm to purchase a tomb. Mortuary temples and tomb complexes replaced the pyramid as the gateway to the underworld. Call 505-0130 for lunch options.

How to Write and Tell Personal
10 a.m.-noon
Wednesday, July 26
Fee: $20
Instructor: Mary Lou Williams

Using the “memory map” and “story box” techniques, you learn a fun, easy way to pull numerous story ideas out of personal experiences — and turn anyone of them into a well-rounded tale. Participants will leave the workshop with one new piece that will contain the bones of a good story. This workshop will help the participant to build his or her repertoire, enhance any presentation and transform life experiences into spellbinding narratives.

Apple iPad / iPhone for Beginners
Noon-2 p.m.
Monday, August 7
Fee: $20
Instructor: James Nelson

This beginner’s introduction to iPads and iPhones covers how to browse the internet, save favorite websites, take pictures, email photos and other attachments and discover useful and fun “apps.” Learn about important settings, including connecting to Wi-Fi and fixing the annoying screen shutoff. Some prior experience is helpful but not required. Please bring your iPad or iPhone to class.

Streaming Internet TV and
3-5 p.m.
Choose Monday, Aug. 7 or 28
Fee: $20
Instructor: James Nelson

Confused by all the recent articles and advertising claims for internet TV, streaming movies and other new internet services for your smartphone, laptop, PC or TV? Presented in everyday words, this course helps you understand and sort through the many options to enjoy streaming internet movies and television, such as Netflix, Hulu, Apria, Roku, Apple, Amazon, Comcast and Brighthouse and cloud services. Discover how to avoid potentially hazardous unexpected loss of 911 emergency calls in a storm. Finally, we will compare the cost of internet TV and movies with traditional cable services to evaluate potential cost savings.

Fake News is Not New: Historical
10 a.m.-noon
Tuesdays, Aug 8, 15, 22, 29
Fee: $65
Instructor: Dr. Sharon Whitehill

Sometimes we’re defrauded, sometimes we take satire literally and sometimes we’re simply gullible. What about in the past? Were the false reports of the past that took hold of the public a matter of factual error, mistaken perception or ignorance? In this four-week class, we’ll answer these questions by looking at some famous examples: Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in 1726, George Orwell’s “1984” in 1949, Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” and Forrest Carter’s beloved 1976 story, “The Education of Little Tree.”

Unless otherwise noted, classes are held in the FGCU facility at Herald Court Centre, 117 Herald Court in downtown Punta Gorda. Parking is free in the adjacent parking garage. To register, call 505-0130 or visit https://registerra.fgcu.edu. ¦

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