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Bob Peterson

I’ll be a positive contributor.

I’ve been honored to serve in leadership positions for several community organizations in Punta Gorda. That’s given me a chance to listen to a wide swath of opinion on the issues in our town. I’ll bring that insight and openness to my role as councilman.

I spent more than seven months working with several City departments leading efforts to improve processes. That experience gave me a good handle on the complexity and breadth of City operations. Organizational development has been my career. I’ll lend that knowledge and experience to my new job.

I’ll work to build on the successes of the last decade produced by many good people in City leadership with an eye toward new opportunities that fit into a common vision for Punta Gorda’s future.

3606 Bonaire Ct.
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

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Additional Information Punta Gorda’s friendly people and small town atmosphere drew my wife, Cate, and me to settle here in 2003. The boating, golf, and sunshine were pretty appealing, too. It’s a story you’ll hear over and again. Our people, attractions, and institutions make our quaint, unique waterfront town the gem that it is.

We need to preserve our town’s character while seeking opportunities for smart, managed economic development and growth.

As a community we are a steward of the waters that surround us. We should maintain, protect, and enhance this natural resource while we enjoy the fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities that enrich our lives here.

We have a long and full history. We must continue our support for the people and organizations that keep it alive through murals, the History Park, records preservation and more.

Our active arts community contributes to our City’s charm and to its economy. We need to nurture it along with our cultural institutions.
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