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18308 Murdock
Port Charlotte, FL 33948


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9:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

*Hernia Repair
*Colon & Rectal Surgery
*Gall Bladder Problems
*"SILS" Single-Incision Laparascopic Surgery
*Gastro Intestinal Surgery
*Laparoscopic Surgery
*Varicose Veins
*Esopho gastro Dilitation / EGD
*"Ultroid" Non Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids
*Breast surgery mammosite
*Skin lesions
*Skin cancer surgery

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Q: What is the colon?
A: The colon and rectum form a muscular tube called the
large intestine or large bowel. Through a process called
peristalsis, digested food moves from the stomach and
small intestine into the colon. Once in the colon, all
remaining water is absorbed into the body, forming solid
waste(stool) which leaves the body through the anus.
Q: Am I at risk?
A: Colorectal cancer occurs most frequently in people over
the age of 50. Colonic polyps, in.ammatory bowel disease
and a family history of colorectal cancer are factors of
increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.
Q: What are the symptoms?
A: Common symptoms of colon cancer:

Q: How is colon cancer detected?
A: There are many symptoms that your doctor will consider
during your initial of.ce visit. He may ask you about your

other laboratory tests.
Patients should take an active role in the early detection of colorectal cancer.

Q: Do I have a choice of treatment?
A: There are several options for the treatment of colon cancer, depending on your age, the size and
location of the tumor, the stage of the disease (i.e., whether it has spread to other organs) and your
general health. You may also have concerns regarding the treatment process and potential side
effects; therefore, it is essential for you and your doctor to discuss all available options leading to
the development of a treatment plan that is speci.cally tailored to your needs and circumstances.
Is the number of cases of Colon Cancer that will be diagnosed this year!
Colorectal cancers account for about eight percent of new cancer diagnoses. In recent years death rates have declined due to increased
colonoscopy screening, polyp removal (preventing the progression of polyps into invasive cancer) and improved treatment methods.
* According to American Cancer Society (see website for map)
18308 Murdock Cr #101, Port Charlotte FL 33948
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