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Additional Information CDBIA is a not-for-profit organization consisting of a group of individuals and firms who care about their community - who believe that home ownership should be within reach of every American. They believe in the free enterprise system. They believe that homes and all buildings in America should be well-designed, well-constructed and located in attractive communities where educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities are available to all.

"Our mission is to ensure a successful environment for the building industry and to advocate for a better community."

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The wonderful world of contracting, legally.
Patrick Lewis
President of the Charlotte-
DeSoto Building Industry
President of
Sharp Development
Today we live in a world of
due diligence. If you want to
get something done, and done
right, do your due diligence.
What a tongue
twister! It’s a
simple saying but
difficult to follow.
Do you do your
due diligence?
That is even
harder to say.
When we are
working with
clients who want
to remodel their
home or busi-ness,
we usually
have some com-petition,
and on
occasion a bid
will come in
from another company below price.
When a contractor has some out of
the ordinary competition, it could
mean the other person isn’t fully
licensed and insured and is flying in
under the radar. It doesn’t happen
that way all the time but in most
cases, if it walks like a duck, he
may very well start quacking. When
you are in a situation like that, you
always have two choices. The first
is to walk, no run, away, the second
is to sit down with the client and
discuss it. A licensed contractor will
sit you down and show you their
license, insurance certificates, and
names and numbers of past clients
and finally the number for the local
building department. This will let
you know they are compliant with
the law.
We all have heard the stories of
this guy who said he was licensed,
had a large crew and all the things
the client wanted to hear. The cli-ent
then gives a “deposit” of tens of
thousands of dollars only to never
be heard from again. He had a fam-ily
illness in Colorado and had to
leave the state immediately. Sev-eral
months later, he now has a new
home using the money for work that
was supposed to be done on your
home. We hear reports like too often
and it is a huge concern.
Contact the Charlotte DeSoto
Building Industry to learn how to do
your due diligence, and understand
the laws and protect them from any
harm; not just harm for the loss on
a large sum of money today, but for
the amount of further potential loss.
Future loss can come from not get-ting
a project permitted properly
and having damage from a storm
in which insurance won’t pay for
the damage or when you try to sell
the property and a home inspection
reveals no permit was obtained, then
you would have to get an after the
fact permit for a substantial fee.
Your home is one of the largest
investment you will make in your
life, when you purchased it, you
made sure everything was in place
and done right. If you found some
addition or renovation done with
it being permitted and inspected,
you would probably want some
clarification in the least and even
contemplate removing that house
from your list of possibilities. That
all flows with the house after you
purchase it. It’s okay to make some
improvements, but always do it with
a reputable contractor. Do your due
diligence, ask if they are licensed,
follow up with local building depart-ment.
If someone says you don’t
need a permit, verify with the build-ing
department. If they say they
are licensed, make sure it is an
actual licensed for the scope of work
being performed. There are plenty
of handy people out there, whether
they are licensed or not is up to you
to verify. You wouldn’t hire a nanny
to work on your car, or an auto
repair guy to babysit your children.
So, in the long run, why would you
hire an unlicensed or unqualified
person to work on your home. Hav-ing
a handyman doing work in your
home does matter.
There is no such thing as a handy-man
license and having a business
tax receipt ( what used to be called
a business license) is not the same
as having a license to contract work
performed on your home. If they
have a business tax receipt and hold
a contractor license they are regu-lated
by the state, if not, they aren’t
licensed, period. There is a list of
what a “handyman” can and can’t do
available to the public through Char-lotte
County and the local builders
For those that live in Charlotte
County the number to call if you
want to call verify a contractor
is 941-743-1201, for a list of what
a handyman can or can’t do, call
the CDBIA at 941-625-0804 or visit . The CDBIA also
can assist with helping you verify a
— Patrick Lewis is president of the
Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry
Association. He is also president of
Sharp Development of SWFL. You can
reach him at 764-8243 or email pat@
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