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Additional Information Under the clinical direction of Dr. David W. Shoemaker and Dr. William J. Lahners, our offices offer the most advanced medical technology by the most caring and experienced medical professionals. Our management team is dedicated to the goal of exceeding each patient's expectations by delivering the gold standard in service. No team is more qualified - or more committed - to caring for you.

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Our Mission is to Bring Clear Vision to Life through caring and trusting relationships and the unending pursuit of excellence in healthcare. At Center For Sight, we strive to provide you with an opportunity to experience a more rewarding and enjoyable life and consider it an honor to be entrusted with your care.

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Health Below the Surface
State-of-the-Art Skin Care at Center For Sight
Summer may be approaching, but preventing skin cancer is a year-round job in Florida.
“Dr. Newman and his sta. are very
courteous and thorough. Thanks
to him, I am free of melanoma.”
- Thomas G.
Living in the Sunshine State has its
obvious benefits. With gorgeous year-round
climate, we’re given more time
to spend outdoors, soaking in the
warmth and breathing the fresh trop-ical
air. In fact, while our northern
neighbors are digging their way out of
winter snow, we’re happily digging our
toes in the sand.
Unfortunately, all this exposure to
sunshine means more contact with
the sun’s harmful, skin-damaging ul-traviolet
(UV) rays that can cause skin
cancer. Those who have a family his-tory
of skin cancer, are fair skinned, or
spend a lot of time outdoors are at a
much higher risk. In addition, if one
has already developed skin cancer,
they have a higher risk of experienc-ing
a recurrence of skin cancer.
The Skin Cancer Foundation esti-mates
that over five million cases of
non-melanoma cancers are diagnosed
each year, making skin cancer one of
the most common forms of cancer
in the United States. In the past three
decades, more people were affected
by skin cancer than all other cancers
combined. Of those, approximately
90% of non-melanoma skin cancers
are associated with exposure to UV
radiation from the sun. As residents of
the Sunshine State, we are particularly
at risk due to year-round exposure.
But there is good news: Skin cancer is
also one of the most preventable forms
of cancer, and it is also very treatable
with over a 90% survival rate if caught
early. Clinical research has shown that
timely examinations help detect any
issues early enough to provide neces-sary
treatment and can help save lives.
Simply, the earlier you can catch it,
the better. Prevention is possible with
frequent at-home skin checks, in addi-tion
to annually seeing a physician for
a professional skin exam.
Early skin cancer detection is an area
of expertise for Center For Sight’s Di-rector
of Dermatology Services, Josh-ua
M. Newman, M.D.
Early Detection with Dr. Newman
at Center For Sight
For over a decade, Dr. Newman has
provided Center For Sight patients
with advanced medical services for
the care, diagnosis and treatment of
conditions of the skin, hair and nails.
In addition, he offers patients the
latest cosmetic dermatological tech-niques,
including sclerotherapy for
spider veins, chemical facial peels and
non-surgical skin rejuvenation treat-ments.
Board certified by the American Board
of Dermatology and a fellow of the
American Academy of Dermatology,
Dr. Newman is a passionate advocate
for the prevention of skin cancer and a
caring partner to his patients who face
a skin cancer diagnosis. Through the
use of state-of-the-art equipment, Dr.
Newman is dedicated to the most ef-fective
and efficient solutions available
for the diagnosis and treatment of skin
cancers, as well as the removal of both
benign and malignant skin growths.
For more high-risk skin cancers, he
utilizes Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
Widely accepted as the single most ef-fective
method of skin cancer remov-al,
Mohs allows surgeons to perform
a complete examination of the excised
cancerous tissue and all its roots and
extensions at the time of the surgery.
A significant improvement to tradi-tional
treatments, the precise manner
of Mohs tissue elimination and analy-sis
increases the chance of a cure and
reduces the need for additional treat-ments
or surgeries.
Dr. Newman promotes scheduling
regular dermatology exams to proac-tively
prevent the development of skin
Schedule an Appointment Today
Summer is almost here, which means
plenty of sun-drenched afternoons
and outdoor activities. Always be
sure to apply the correct amount of
sunblock 15 to 20 minutes prior to
exposure and every 60 to 90 minutes
during exposure, especially during
mid-day hours (10am – 4pm) when
UV rays are strongest and do the most
damage. Wear a hat and UV-blocking
sunglasses often while outdoors.
Remember, with skin cancer, ear-ly
detection is key. To schedule your
annual appointment with Dr. New-man,
call 941-488-2020 or visit
Joshua M. Newman, M.D.
Medical & Surgical Dermatologist
Named “Top Doctor” by Castle
Connolly Medical, Ltd.
Center For Sight O.ce, Venice
“I have a family history of skin
cancer, including melanoma,
so Dr. Newman and I worked
together to identify the best
treatment plan. He is a very
thorough physician and takes
his time inspecting my skin, but
does not perform unnecessary
procedures. Not only do I think Dr.
Newman is an exceptional doctor,
but he is a compassionate person
and it’s evident he truly cares
about the health of his patients.”
- Amanda U.
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